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WRiting Assignment

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Sit for 1 1/2 hour uninterupted session - brainstorm & post this on your page.  This is for ALL students.  Due November 27th.


Write a list of all the contempory/historical topics you find yourself particularly interested in.



Don't stick only to formal concerns (like the example) below.  List interests like regions of the world, particular historical events, pop culture references, news stories or kinds of news stories, aspects of human behavior, spiritual practices, technologies, academic areas, (anthropology, sociology, etc.)  You don't have to have the same amount of information for each topic but try to get down your thoughts about being drawn to certain topics.  If there is a particular way that the interest links to your artwork or doesn't link to your artwork, list that as well.


Not this:


























But this:


I keep finding myself drawn to blue.  When I look at it, I get this feeling of transcendance that I can't quite explain but makes me think of the whole of my life and my place in it.  I think it might have to do with the sky.  When I have time, I want to research why the sky is blue and understand the scientific reason that that is what we see.  I wonder if other people see blue the way I see blue hockney uses blue.  ADD link to hockney.


quote from hockney is on page 73 of the book contempary painting "I always loved blue too!"





  (feel free to revert if you don't like it or if this renders funny or illegibly)  (It does render funny, but I love it.  I love this painting.)

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