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Rosey Merkin

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writing assignment 





Please be patient with me as I encounter many technological catch-ups. The image in the link below is quite possibly very HUGE, but for now, it's all I've got to communicate my ideas about the first project.


initial plans for project 2 (not complete!)




I think I'll be able to figure out most of the physical and computational doodads, but right now my main area of concern is how to make this more of an interactive ... doodad... not just a reactive doodad. I chose the flow and cohesion of water to play/act metaphorically for counsciousness. When the water flows to separate, conciousness is exploring the individual areas, and when it flows together it has a "mental" cohesion. That's what I want to convey. At this point, I feel that I am about 15% into the idea of this project, so I may just limit the project to the very simlple, two-chambered box that you see in the diagram. I'm being rushed off the computer. Thanks for reading!


After the working critique, I am in a spot where the avenues I was trying to avoid, in efforts to keep this simple, must be reconsidered. I wasn't aiming to create a seventies bauble of sand and water. It simply came to that point as a result of tinkering with my original, highly interactive, highly FUN idea. So, for consideration is the entire project. But don't worry guys I'm almost 98% sure that I'll trade the two pennies for the more accepted and even more literal approach of adding instructions in the end.



Rosey Merkin

SIUC Undergrad in Art and Design
Created Fall 2007







Here's a fun link: http://www.rheingold.com




Ian: You are a very brave person for trying to combine water and electronics, be sure to put a lot of thought and testing into your pico housing. One possibility for input that I don't think you mentioned in your diagram would be through water diplacement; when you put your hand into the water you will raise the water level, if the rising/lowering gate you are using to control where the water is flowing was connected to a bouy it would raise up when the water level raised from someone putting their causing water to flow out, lowering the level, lowering the gate, forcing the person to either push their arm further into the water to continue the same draining effect. Very responsive, very analog. Also, have you considered coloring the water with foodcoloring to show different 'thoughts' or 'ideas' combining, or using oil to show incompatibility.


Rosey: Ian, thanks for the comments. I wish you had been there for the in process crit. I really like the idea of the very interactive, very analog raising/lowering due to displacement. Maybe I could combine that with the very satisfying notion of water mixing together like you mentioned, Robin. Thanks!



I like the plans for animating the glass funnels. There are endless possibilities for how they could interact with each other to create little narratives/a string of narratives that work toward some resolve. I liked Robin's idea of the funnel being a conduit for two other vessels (one with water, the other empty. With the help of the funnel, they can share!)


I envision a series of shots to and from your various narratives--the family of funnels, the parade, funnels being filled, funnels being emptied, Colleen's idea for time lapse shots (like with the ice cubes I mentioned), y'know, meat...uh you could stack two funnels and make them into a sand timer deal, but the sand would pass so quickly it would be useless, and I definitely think you could have a funnel break--how or why, I'm not sure but it would be dramatic. Different shots could have funnels moving in different ways: rolling, walking, hoping, floating, scooting. there's so much to do! Think about why the funnels are your characters and that will probably help you figure out some shots. Good luck.



Jake thinks: 11/16/07

Maybe you could have multiple funnel situations and montage them together somehow.  In one scenario the funnel could take on a lumpy fluid that eventually clogs it.  This could stop a progression of funnels being efficent and working, then one fills up and has to either be switched out with a fresh one, or perhaps cleared out with a plunger or stick or something.  This could refer to the cyclical nature of things.


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Anonymous said

at 12:31 pm on Sep 15, 2007

I like the idea of working with water, there is something satisfying when it mixes together.

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