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Robin Rogers

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Burning Man



aug. 31


I am currently working on re-devolping an installation work from last semester...the cube.

I have a show scheduled in the Vergett gallery for Sept. 23-29 to show this piece. I am thinking of calling the show, "In My Experience."


What I need to do still:


1. Figure out how the projection will work (placement and angle of projector(s))

2. Create device to activate video mute button on remote. This will involve Pico Criket w/motors.

3. Create/edit video and sound for piece.

4. Install and debug work Sept. 16.


How I'll do it:


1. a. I will take measurments of vergette so I know what I have to work with.

b. since I don't have a space that large to test the projection in, I will set it up

in my yard and test the projection at night.


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2. I will make a device similar to Ramah's from last semester. I am hoping to be able to place the remote in souch a way that it will activate multiple projectors.

3. video---scenes from my daily life. sound---same thing.

4. I might need volunteers.


August 31 - Colleen Ludwig

Robin: Hope you don't mind my commenting... If you want the remote to activate multiple projectors, won't the projectors have to be the same model? Also, there are maps with the measurements of the Vergette -- I think they are in the office with the form or you can get it from Jacci. I might still have it if you can't get it. Let's set a date to review the video together.


Sept. 1 Robin Rogers

Re: Colleen..... Yes, the projectors will have to be the same model. I know that there is a number of the NEC projectors around (there is one that the puliam wing has available for check out). I'd like to purchase one for my self, but I don't think that is possible at this point. If I have to use different makes of projectors then, so be it. I also may only be able to have the show fully functional for a shorter ammount of time due to limited equipment rental time. I'll check into the map of Vergette, one critical measurment might end up being celing height which may or may not be on there.

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Sept 10.


I did some testing over the weekend. Given the space I have, I think it will work better if I set the piece up using only one projector. One drawback is that I will have to restrict the viewers from walking around the back of the work. I may use small foot walls to do this, 1.5 feet in height. I have drawn some new layout plans for the vergett. In drawing A. the viewer will open the gallery door to find an 8ft. wall creating a corridor to walk down before seeing the piece.







A. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket B. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket






My show has come and gone.... It was a really good experience and I feel good about the results. I learned first hand how hard it can be to get viewers to interact with the work. The suggestions from crit were very halpful and I tried some of them out over the course of the week. I took lots of documentation and I am organizing it now to put onto my website. I will post a link when the page is done.


I was kind of dissapointed with the Pico Cricket. I think it is a great learning tool, but not reliable for a serious show. Several times I entered the gallery to find the Cricket turned off (not the power but the green light). The batteries were fine, I am not sure why it was turning off. Due to this glitch some viewers didn't get the intended expeience of the piece, but many interacted with it anyway.


10-1-07 (Kevin)

Robin, one comment I heard from a few people that visited your piece was them questioning just how "interactive" the act of opening a door and causing a pause in the video was. I hadn't considered this before, but it seems as though if the participant could somehow alter what was being shown, it might prove to be more than a video piece.


10- 9 - 07 (Colleen)

Robin, I think this piece generated a lot of good discussion about what is interactive.  I feel like the audience is jaded - to me, getting a chance to change the "lighting" in the cube is pretty interesting.  I wonder if a adaptor for the PICO to AC would help at all with it turning off?  I'm surprised that that happened.  Worth trying to figure out.



10- 13 - 07 (Robin)

I was able to get the documentation for the show posted on my site. The page is www.robinmrogers.com/ime.html


Now I have  my next piece on my mind...


10-30-07 (Robin) I am currently installing my new work in the museum for the MFA preview show. The piece is a freestanding door, like the kind that would be on the front of a house. One side has a screen door that doesn't open. The other side has an interior door that doesn't open either but it has a peep hole to look through. Through the peep hole a viedo is seen. The footage is outdoors from different places. Rainy streets, mountains, trees of changing color etc.. It is all footage that I have gathered specifically for this project from close friends who live far away. When the viewer steps on the floor mat, they advance the video to the next scene by triggering the track up button. Every person who views the piece should see a different clip, at least for the first 20 people, then the clips will repeat.

I am calling the piece, "Window." The show opens Nov. 9.





Writing Assignment:



One thing that I am very interested in and could see myself making working about, although I never have, is the idea of race and the global “melting pot.” I often wonder about the origin of different races and the future of the concept. I guess I am interested in this topic because I don’t really know much about my own blood line and often feel like I don’t have much of a heritage, besides things like baseball and television programming.


When I contemplate the origin of human beings and draw upon my limited understanding of the subject, I think the species (homo sapiens) first existed somewhere in Africa/Middle East. At that point I think there was one species, one race, human. Over time, it seems, groups of humans wandered away from the origin point, probably in search of food. Some settled, some wandered further. Over a very long period of time geographical barriers (mountains, deserts, bodies of water) separated all the groups. Each pocket of humans developed in its own way both in appearance and culture/traditions/beliefs.


The physical differences in these groups may have been a result of the environment, for example, in areas intense sun and heat, thicker and darker skin became necessary to survival, whereas in colder regions with less exposure to the sun, fair skin and hair were prevalent.


Cultural differences developed as well, based on the needs of the group. If meat and hunting was a source of food the group may have been oriented toward animal worship. If agriculture was more vital to survival, worship of rain, sun and earth may have existed.


Fast forward however long, these groups have changed over generations to become very distinct from one another. As societies grew and people became more mobile, these differing groups or races began to encounter and interact with one another. Obviously, there were often power struggles and wars over dominance and territory.


Fast forward to present times. The racial and cultural differences are still very prevalent. However the world is smaller than ever. Whatever geographical boundaries existed before are no longer an issue. Nearly anyplace on the globe is accessible in a relatively short amount of time. The blood of all the different races has been mixing through interracial couples for centuries now.


My question is, how long will it take till the blood and the culture of the world is mixed to the point that the idea of race is a foreign concept? How long till there is one blood, one race, humans, again? I think it would be at least several hundred years, if not thousands, but eventually I think it will be inevitable. Or maybe not, maybe the opposite will occur and there will be more and more and more subdivisions and definitions of people’s race.


I like the idea of one blood. I think that it already exists if you believe in it. We are all the same at the core of our being. We are all the same as babies. As soon as we hit dry air we begin to change drastically based on where in the world we popped out.  

Sidebar-One thing that I never understood is the idea of the Jewish race. I was under the impression that Judaism was a religion, a belief system, a tradition. How can this be called a race. I thought that is was possible to convert to Judaism, to become Jewish, just as you can become Catholic or any other religion. However, there is no way that a Caucasian can convert to be Asian. (Maybe in this age of plastic surgery one can, look at Michael Jackson) I never really understood that.


Anyway, sometimes I think that the whole idea of race is just that , an idea. It is actually an illusion. I mean, I think that variety is the spice of life and all that, but beyond the obvious physically differences, how different are we from one another? In theory we all came from the same blood line. Although I don’t know if it was Adam and Eve, it doesn’t really matter. Maybe I am totally off the mark, maybe homo sapiens appeared spontaneously in several parts of the world around the same time, I don’t really know.


If I were to make work about this subject I think I would focus on the blood. Not in a gory way, but just as a symbol. The blood is what ties us. Macro, micro, macro, micro, it is all the same really.

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Anonymous said

at 8:31 pm on Sep 4, 2007

I got the cube taken down and ready to set up for testing. Also I got the map of the gallery.

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