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Corruption Gallery

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 5 months ago

 This is an image gallery documenting Ian McCall's experiments with Corruption

images may render differently in different browsers and operating systems, find one that works for you, I prefer safari

each image links to an outside article providing background into the image, below each image are notes and a link to the text which is embedded in the image.

Nehemiah George Ordway Text is taken form wiki article, questionable dealings (this is my first sucessful image corruption)



Richard Nixon Text taken from wiki, description of watergate scandal (the flag is the only part of the image to escape unharmed)



John Negroponte the image is corrupted with his repeated denials of human rights abuses in Honduras as collected  here http://www.thenation.com/blogs/capitalgames?pid=2203 (there is some beautiful ghosting and the blocking over the patterns in his tie are stunning.)



 Tony Blair and George W Bush Pictured Text is from the 'downing street memo' as recorded at http://www.downingstreetmemo.com/memos.html (interesting ghosting effect where the two men are superimposed onto eachother, what a lovely color of green)



An example of George W Bush's use of Executive Privilege to hinder investigations. In the original image everything beyond the first sentence has been censored, here it is replaced with Bush's official statement rearding his use of executive privilege "The reason for these distinctions rests upon a bedrock presidential prerogative: for the President to perform his constitutional duties, it is imperative that he receive candid and unfettered advice and that free and open discussions and deliberations occur among his advisors and between those advisors and others within and outside the Executive Branch." repeated for the rest of the document. (this is an example which may render better in firefox)



Page from the Enron ethics handbook the inserted text is from an internal email http://enron.trampolinesystems.com/search/Shredding#focus=/search/Shredding&lightbox=/show_email/144813&

the exchange: "...Lunch this week or next...Certainly all of you can stop shredding documents for 5 minutes to respond..." "...I have too large a pile of documents to shred. Next week is better..." (I am really pleased with how a relatively small amount of text could completely obscure the text so uniformly)



Mark Foley text is excerpts from sexually explicit instant messages with a congressional page http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/BrianRoss/Story?id=2509586&page=1 (the ghosted face over the gradated background is haunting)



Budd Dwyer publicly committed suicide at a press conference after taking bribes and recieving kickbacks. The text is his last words, found in the wiki page. (the blood red color at the bottom seems very appropriate)



In Crit someone suggest that I could continue the idea of corruption as a breakdown in a system by using an image of the earth and corrupting it with text about pollution, below is a link to the image, I chose not to have it display here on the page because it is a large file that will need to be scaled.


I was expecting a much greater impact but I think this is a much truer statement about our insignificance. I was humbled.



This is more political corruption, I am not displaying it because corrupt pngs never render in a browsers so you'll have to save to disk to view James \"Honest Dick\" Tate absconded with nearly a quarter of a million dollars from the state's treasury PNG note the difference in the way the errors manifest

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