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Armenian Research

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For my research i am going to examine my ancestoy, including the folklore and mythology.



In Armenian mythology there is a half animal half human being. His name is Al. Al has also been known as Elk. Al was the first companion of Adam. Adam was earth and Al was Fire. These two were incompatible so God put Eve on to earth to be Adams companion. Al got insanely jealous. From that day on he attacks pregnant woman and steals there babies. When he attacks he also steals their lives. He then takes there liver down to the water and dips it before he eats. This act kills the mother and child.

Als eyes are fiery and his hair long and dark. Like all Armenians.


in Armenian the word for steal is the same word for eat...(just some food for thought) pun intended....muhahahahah


armenia is thought as as the birthplace of creation. mount ararat is spose to be closely linked to the creation myth, the garden of eden. noahs ark is also spose to be built on it. the term "cradle of humanity" is one that is thought of when talking about mount ararat. this mountain now belongs to turkey. but used to be in armenia.


during world war 1 the armenians sided with the russians, which angered the turks. the turkish government exiled 1.75 million peoplle on a death march o the syrian desert. the turks attemped a genocide by demolishing there towns so that nothing would be left to remember the armenians. unablw to go back home armenians left for russa and the united states. the turkish government denies this was a genocide, the french also denied it was a genocide untill recently when they made a bill that say that would make denying the killings of armenians by the turks as a genocide is a crime


the reason that i added reasurch about the armenians and genocide is because while searching for armenian folklor i came across alot of information about the armenians getting killed. my family came over to the u right beor this happened in armenia so i have no personal connection to what happened. but i still hear about this from reletives and family members. you cannot talk but the turks in my house with out some desparaging comment. i think that its very interesting that so may people deny this ever happened, just like the holocaust, now i know these are seporate things but i do think that there is a corralation that can be drawn hear. i think that i may be ramballing now. but i do think its all very interesting. im going to get back to my book, "the flower of paradise and other armenian tales"

i think its going to be interesting to see where these ideas about armenian history take me. by the way i started to seek out this because of my gumball crit when someone segested something about armenian prizes in the machien.

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