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on October 2, 2007 at 3:20:24 am


sept 04 2007


In continuation of last years’ ideas and tinkerings I still have a fascination with interactivity and works that the viewer is very much a part of. For my first piece I will be making a vending machine out of a recycled gumball machine that the view can deposit a quarter into and a capsule will come out with one my pieces in it. The piece in the capsule will be a handmade piece of artwork, individual and unique….



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sept 11 2007


i plan to put my art vender, i still need a name for it so dont make fun of me, in a couple different locations over the span of this semester. i would like to put it at some different shows to get some exposure of the piece. i still have no idea what i want to put in capsules or where to get the capsules.



i have the base globe made


nothing to put in the globe


i found the inner parts online to make my own vender to have a 1 and a half inch whole, because i found capsules to fit that size




sept. 18th


today i made alot of progress on my piece. i have decided to make the base different. i cut out the important machanical parts and put them into a new base. its now sleeker and i think im going to make it into more of a rocket ship shape. i have also found capsules that fit into it. they are gel capsules used for pills, they are empty so i can fill them and the right size. this week i am going to fiber glass the base and smooth it all out. then im going to paint it, i cant decide if i want it to be blue or red, any other ideas?



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first globe, which broke new base, with cut out side view of new base


next steps.

1. bondo to smooth out, or fiberglass

2. sand

3. paint



sept 21.

today i welded some spots, fixed a glitch with the quarter drop out, and fiberglassed the metal, right now im waiting for it to harded so i can apply another layer and then sand smooth, im thinking of bondoing it then spraying it, but what color, i also still have to put some wings on it for the rocket ship


next steps

1. sand.

2. fins for rocket, welded on

3. finish stand

4. test it out


sept 21.

11:30 pm


http://vid220.photobucket.com/albums/dd130/andynaj/MVI_1262.flv" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">





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fiberglass, two layers, still need to sand and bondo


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my master plan is working...muahahahah(evil genious laugh)


everything is going to plan, i just put the second layer on and i think i need some sleep. tomorrow is another day.


to be continued.....



sept 27

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Class Feedback:

Ian: I don't know how practical or possible this would be, but seeing you say "recycled gumball machine" made me think of a maching that you put old chewed gum into to receive a quarter. Not that I know how you would make a mechanism for accepting already chewed gum (you would have to be fairly honor system) but the phrase "recycled gumball machine" really appeals to me.Andrew: by "recycled gumball machine" i just ment a machine that i found, not one that i made, but i am looking in to buying parts to make my own



Naj, I'm interested to see what you come up with for the final shape of this "Rocket". The two layer idea that came up in class is great, but be careful that it doesn't get too gimmicky. Have you decided what to load it with? I enjoyed your origianl idea of having it dispense things that you have made (no matter how simple) and the tie-in to the Art-o-Matic machines.

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